Report an error

At CxPlanner we constantly work to improve the security of our network and systems.

It is an ongoing process, and we invite users to come forward with information about errors and issues found in our setup.

Responsible disclosure

If you find an error or a security issue in our systems and publish it immediately, you may risk compromising the security of other users.

Therefore we will kindly ask you to contact CxPlanner immediately and tell us exactly how you discovered the error.

Then we ask you for a chance to fix the issue before you share your knowledge about the error with others or publish it.

Typically we will need a few days to correct an error, depending on the scale and severity.

Will you try to prosecute me?

If you act responsibly and contact CxPlanner right away, if you find an error, we guarantee that we will not report you to the authorities. Instead we will cooperate with you to solve the problem.

However, you must still take care not to do anything that violates the rights of other people as they may still choose to seek prosecution.

In a criminal court case we might be ordered to hand over your identity to the authorities, so if you doubt the legality of your actions, we suggest that you contact us anonymously by e-mail.

It is important that we can get back to you in case we have further questions.

Acting responsibly also means:

Contact us

If you have knowledge about an error or a security issue, please contact us right away at We will review your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for your cooperation.